Personal Training

Not seeing the results you want? Results require variety in pace, style and effort. And that’s what sets us apart from other fitness facilities! Our team of nationally-certified personal trainers will customize a plan tailored to your body, fitness level, and personal goals. This means more efficient workouts – and quicker results! Personal Training is a great way to keep things fresh, get new workout ideas, and ensure you’re on track to reaching your goals. Everyone can benefit from the expertise of a fitness professional, from the first-time exerciser to the professional athlete. No matter your goal – weight loss, rehabilitation, sports performance or improving how you look and feel – we can help!

Small Group Personal Training

Get the personalized attention and expertise of a personal trainer, in a small group setting at an affordable price.  Specialized equipment.  Dedicated training space.  Certified experts.  Talk to our training staff about Small Group Training today!

Heart Rate Monitor

Have you noticed all the new TVs hanging around the gym? Have you seen the heart rate screen and wondered what this was all about? Its our new heart rate monitor system that is wired throughout the gym.


In order to get the most from exercise, you need to be working out at the proper level of intensity. This is true whether you are trying to lose weight, trying to improve cardiovascular fitness, or preparing for a high-level athletic competition. Ask a staff member about getting start with a Mio Slice today.

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“I am not only feeling healthier and more energetic, but have gained confidence in myself as well. With my trainer, I managed to reach goals that I never thought were possible in just a short time.”